Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Intolerance Abounds

The television was on this morning as I walked by to get Billy Ray’s pills. Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America was talking about a story they had done yesterday and the poll they took from viewers.

Apparently, a three year old started crying boarding an airplane. Neither of her parents were able to get her to stop. You can read the article here. Nothing was said about the little girl doing anything but crying or having special needs of any kind. The parents were instructed to make her stop and were eventually kicked off the plane because they couldn’t.

What is more shocking to me than the airlines behavior (deplorable as I find it) was the poll taken by GMA. Of 26,586 votes approximately 62% said they agreed that the family should be kicked off the plane if they couldn’t make the child quit. With this kind of intolerance is it is any wonder people with disabilities have to fight such discrimination and intolerance. What have we become as a community?

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