Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our Adoption Anniversary

Today is the 23rd anniversary of becoming a family. I read that you should tell the story of a child's adoption just as any other bedtime story and frequently told him the story rocking him to sleep at night. Eventually I just started telling him the every year on his adoption day. When I started doing visuals I created one for his story. It's on my website here.

Another suggestion from my reading about adoption was to have an adoption birthday just as any other birthday. We have always done that but now we call it our adoption anniversary because it gets confusing as a birthday and because it was really a special day for me too. Throughout the day each year I tell him what I was doing or we were doing at various times of the day. For example, Raymond (my late husband) couldn't get the day off to pick him up so my mother went with me to the adoption agency. We call my mom every year at approximately the time (10:30 a.m.) that we picked him up. That way we sort of share the anniversary with her. They both love it.

Today my thoughts seem to be running to how far we have come and how many expected turns we have taken. Also how much different I am because I have had the joy of being Billy Ray's Mom. Hopefully we have made a difference in his life too.
Earl, my stepson, told me at the time of Raymond's death that Billy Ray was the best thing had ever happened to his Dad. It did change him a lot.
When Billy Ray was little saying "Earl" would come out "girl" so Earl taught him to call him "Bubba" for brother. When we went to California to meet Larry's family, Billy Ray immediately started calling Michael "Bubba". It was like he just recognized him as a brother from the start. Michael is Billy Ray's champion. He talks about him everyday many times a day. The above picture was taken with Michael and his wife, Rebecca, at Thanksgiving.
There is so much more that I could say about our life together but Billy Ray is ready to have his story read to him and we have an adoption anniversary to celebrate today.

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