Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Comparing Notes - - Which Child is Harder

I was reading a message board last night where one parent was saying how much harder it was to handle her child with multiple physical problems than a child with ADHD or Autism. It is unfortunate that we have to compare our struggles rather than supporting each other.

Part of the problem is the difficulty of putting ourselves in the shoes of another parent because our children are so unique. For example, how does a parent who has multiple challenges with her child but doesn’t deal with sleep issues understand what the impact of living life sleep deprived for years on end.

I can see why a Mom who deals with the back pain and other issues from juggling a child to or from a wheelchair everyday to think that having a child with low functioning Autism might be easier. Unless she has experienced it will be difficult for that Mom to understand how hard it is when a child goes in meltdown while you are trying to get him or her to an important appointment.

There is no easy child with disabilities whatever the disability. We all have our challenges. Comparing notes doesn’t help.

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