Thursday, July 13, 2006

Becoming Experts on Experts

I recently wrote an article for Club Mom about the job of parenting a special needs child. It is not up on their site yet but I will post a link to my articles when they are up. It is definitely true that parenting a complex special needs child is a career in itself.

A post on the Mote Guardian Blog about parents going online to understand their children’s disabilities reminded me of something I shared in in Parenting Your Complex Child. It was taken from an email from Billy Ray’s former doctor who allowed me to use it but without his name.

“*** I would think the strength of your book would lie in it's being honest in presenting how frustrating the struggle has been and how much experts often don't know. You could describe yourself as an expert on experts, I guess!”

“Becoming “an expert on experts” is an undesirable title. The only way a parent becomes this is to have crisis after crisis taking the parent from one professional to another.” Excerpted by permission of the publisher from "Parenting Your Complex Child" by Peggy Lou Morgan © 2006 Peggy Lou Morgan, published by AMACOM, division of American Management Association, New York, New York.

When our children experience various maladies or challenges we have to become experts in areas we were never really aware of. Our education and career seems to center around learning what they need us to learn so that we can care for and advocate for our children.

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