Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Who Says Children with Autism Don't Make Eye Contact

I am preparing an album for Billy Ray with some of his special people so that he can take it to the hospital with him. He is having surgery on the 21st for his GERD. Here are two of the pictures I took Sunday at church. He isn't feeling well so they aren't the best pictures of him but they clearly show eye contact and I wanted to share.

This first one is with Denise, our pastor's wife. Denise is very special to Billy Ray and very insightful at supporting our family. When Billy Ray was in the hospital a year ago she even brought him a wonderful large stuffed dog knowing he couldn't have his service dog there. It was used mightily to comfort him and even to support his IV's.

This is Billy Ray with Dave who is a great friend and support both to our family and my work. Dave kept telling Billy Ray to look at me while I took the picture but Billy Ray just wanted to look at Dave. By the way we all call him Dave but for some reason BR refuses and insists on calling him David.

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